Home Staging Services

Vacant Home Staging
We bring in furniture and accessories to help vacant houses become a place buyers can picture themselves living. 

Pricing varies - please call for a FREE quote

Staging and marketing the home to its fullest potential - especially in the case of vacant homes where buyers cannot imagine themselves living there.  I understand your priority is the quick listing and sale, so I specialize in providing a vacant home staging service that is fast, within budget while able to make dramatic improvements to the home so that it will sell quickly and for top dollar.

Beautiful after photos are included!

Occupied Home Staging
Using what you already have to transform your home into a space buyers will fall in love with. 


This is a "touch-up" service for your upcoming open house if you just need some refinement to help the house really stand out to potential buyers. 

  • We work with what you already have to help your house shine during the open house. 
  • We will bring in additional decor, art, accessories, and fresh flowers to style the house creating emotional connection points buyers will fall in love with.   Items will stay in the home for the days in which the open house is scheduled. 
  • You will receive my "Open House Checklist" and "Closet Organization Checklist" to help you prepare for the open house. 

(Up to two hours with any additional hours at a $65 hourly rate)



In this intensive and fun two-hour consultation, we will be using a detailed Staging Report/Checklist to write down everything that needs to be done to get the home the best price possible!

  • We start with a phone interview, so I can research your buyer demographic and prepare for our Consultation time
  • Using a detailed staging checklist we will walk through the home and discuss optimal, BIG return-on-investment, staging strategies that are designed to have big, emotional impact on your buyers
  • The detailed report also includes my essential "Open House Checklist" and "Closet Organization Checklist"

(Up to two hours with any additional hours at a $65 hourly rate)



This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves and physically staging the main areas of the home based upon the Staging Report recommendations after the initial consultation. 

  • We will make HUGE transformations using what you have to make the most of each space!
  • I will bring in gorgeous staging accessories in order to give you a visual shopping list and get higher impact photos
  • We will work for up to either 4 or 7 hours in the home, as well as photograph the transformations as we go

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(Additional hours at a $65 hourly rate)


Shopping services are built around your budget and are charged at and hourly rate of $65/hour with an estimated time frame given up front.  The best part about this if you are selling your home, is that you get to take all of the new stuff with you so the decorating of your new home is already taken care of!